She Was Drinking Carrot Juice Every Morning For 8 Months, And Then The Unbelievable Happened




Nobody wants to hear the devastating words, “You have cancer”, let alone, be told that your loved one has been diagnosed with this horrifying disease.  Unfortunately, for a well-known author of children’s books, this was exactly the situation.  Ann Cameron watched her husband succumb to colon cancer in 2005, after extensive use of chemotherapy. When she herself discovered that she had colon cancer, it had developed to stage three in 2012, and she elected to have surgery to remove the tumors.  However, Ann was certain she would not repeat her husband’s chemotherapy ordeal, and made the brave decision to decline the treatment her doctors’ recommended. In her quest for alternative treatment, Ann stumbled upon “Chris Beats Cancer”, a blog where other survivors share their unconventional methods of combatting this disease.

Ann decided to tell her story, as many others had done previously in the blog. “In June 2012, I was subjected to surgery for colon cancer, and after that I refused chemotherapy treatment. Every day I felt better, but after six months, the control examination showed that the cancer had spread to the lung, and colon cancer, entered in the fourth stage”.

She read a startling account of a 26 year old skin cancer patient named Ralph Kalley, who had used carrot juice to treat his disease.  This immediately intrigued her, and she decided to follow his protocol of drinking 2.5kg of pure carrot juice at intervals daily.

As time passed, Ann’s health improved dramatically. Eight weeks after starting the carrot juice protocol, her tests revealed that not only had the cancer stopped spreading, but her tumors had shrunk and the swelling in her lymph nodes had subsided. At four months, her nodes had completely returned to their normal state. Even more miraculously, her scans at eight months showed no signs of cancer at all.

How was this possible?  The secret lied in the tumor fighting properties in the carrot juice which contained natural pesticides and fatty alcohol.  In addition to carotene, this phenomenal combination prevented the tumors from replicating.

Upon her recovery, Cameron wrote “Curing Cancer with Carrots” (available on Amazon) to share her discovery with the world.

The following is the recipe for her daily treatment protocol:

  • 6 fresh carrots
  • optional half lemon squeezed for taste
  • 1 inch ginger piece
  • 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon dried turmeric (or 1 inch fresh piece)
  • 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup water

To Prepare: Combine all ingredients in a juicer. For optimum juice, try alternating carrots with turmeric and ginger.  One can drink this either strained with a mesh sieve or pulped. Then, stir in cinnamon and dilute with water as needed for taste. This produces one serving.

Ann Cameron’s recipe is a completely organic alternative to chemotherapy, and she is a testament to its effectiveness.


Source: Healthy Food House