Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

One Ingredient Remedies To Make Your House Bug-Free (Without Chemicals)



You can never control when and where bugs and spiders may come into your home. If you have a special hatred for them, you will find them an annoyance and even more difficult to get rid of. Fortunately there are some natural methods to kill them.

All you need are some commonly found things in your home. Find out what can help you eliminate all those bugs and spiders.


All insects, including bugs, have a natural repulsion towards citrus. So a good way to get rid of them is to rub peels of lemon, orange and lime wherever there is a problem of spiders and bugs. This includes the walls, window sills and the baseboards and just anywhere else where these insects live.

Peppermint Oil

When you use peppermint oil, it will not only force the spiders to leave the place, the pale will also smell great. All you have to do is get a bottle of the oil and spray it in thin layers at all the places where the spiders have knit a web.


If you use cedar for your furniture, it will protect itself against insects and spiders. It is highly resistant to rot and can also be kept outdoors. You may even create a barrier around your home with cedar mulch. It will be best to use cedar for making your cupboard, dressers and hangers too.

Use Vinegar

Just like peppermint oil, vinegar can also repulse spiders and bugs. Spray vinegar on all areas where there is a chance that these insects may get through or wherever you see them in your home.

A Clean Yard Means Lesser Bugs

If your yard is covered in grass, leaves, rotten wood and cuttings, it will create the perfect environment for spiders to live. Make sure to clean your yard on a regular basis. Regularly check all the corners around your home where these insects can enter in

Always Keep your Home Clean

Always remove all the webs in and around your home. Besides, make sure that your home is always clean. It is also important to keep the humidity under control. Your home may have damp cellar and you can use a dehumidifier. Also inspect the downspouts to ensure that water does not enter the cellar.

Get Rid of other Pests

Always keep in mind that spiders specifically come to places where they can find something to eat. insects are their main food and you should get rid of any insects. Orange, clove and lemon are also useful essential oils for keeping out bugs and spiders.

You can take mint leaves and pound them to repel fly. Ants can be gotten rid of by slicing cucumber and placing them wherever the ants are entering into your home. Similarly, pepper powder and garlic are great repellents for bugs.


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