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No Woman Should Ignore This: 12 Breast Changes That Reveal The State Of Your Health!



Did you know that breast can indicate many health processes and disorders that occur in a woman’s body?

We therefore present 12 changes you should not ignore! In addition, read them:

1. Sudden breast enlargement

If you notice that your breasts enlarged, it is probably due to increased body weight. Every additional kilogram directly affects breast enlargement. It may also be due to PMS or reaction to a new type of contraception. The last option is being pregnant.

2. Sudden breast reduction

Contrary to the previous one, sudden reduction of the breasts may indicate that you have loss some body weight. Chest is full of fat tissue, and losing body weight leads to breast reduction. It is also very possibly that the cause of this is going through a time of ovulation and experiencing a change in hormones.

3. Once breast is larger than the other

This phenomenon is common in every woman, but it is especially expressed during PMS. Unfortunately, this phenomenon may be a sign of breast cancer as well. Any abnormal change you notice in the shape of the breast is an alarm for mandatory medical supervision.

4. Irritation of the skin under the breasts

Irritation of the skin under the breasts usually occurs because of an allergic reaction to material, color fabric or wire, which is often a part of the bras. The irritation may also be a sign of inflammation of the skin, which is common in women with large breasts. Mostly this irritation is caused by friction in combination with sweat.

5. Lumps in the nipple area

This phenomenon is quite natural. The role of breast is production of milk and the rather small lumps are glands endings. During the menstrual cycle they can become quite pronounced.

6. One bigger lump around the nipple area

In this case, chances are you are dealing with breast cyst. Cysts are usually not dangerous, but it must be controlled. Also, this phenomenon may indicate to tumor. Any change you notice inside the breast, especially those that can be seen with the naked eye, must be immediately reported to the doctor.

7. Red fluid leaking from the nipple

The red fluid occurrence points to a benign tumor that may occur in the milk ducts of the breast. Certainly you need advice.

8. Red fluid leaking from the nipple

It can be caused by physical stimulation, unrelated to pregnancy. But there may be a reaction to some medications. It is not dangerous at all. It is a side effect that should be controlled.

9. Hairs on the nipple

Hairs on the nipples usually appear as a reaction to certain cosmetics or drugs containing male hormones. But also, this phenomenon may indicate of polycystic ovary syndrome. Other symptoms accompanying the hairs are the frequent acne and irregular menstruation.

10. Itching sensation in the nipples

Itching nipples usually indicates an allergic reaction due to use of certain shower body milk or a fabric.

It is required to wash the new bras before first time wearing then in order to avoid such an occurrence.

Also, this phenomenon often indicates the start of the menstrual cycle. It may also refer to breast cancer. Although this symptom is rare, combined with leaking liquid is alarming.

11. A lump in the breast tissue

This usually occurs because of changes before the menstruation cycle or stress, and indicates to dilated milk ducts.

There are good chances it also indicates to cyst or tumor.

12. A big lump in any part of the breast

If the lump is round and you can feel it move when you press it, it is most likely you are dealing with a benign cyst.

But it can also be a sign of breast cancer. Therefore, this change must not be ignored. If you notice a lump that does not change and move make sure to pay your doctor a visit.

Source: finelivingadvice

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