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Most Common Signs Which Indicate You Have Kidney Stones

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One of the most common causes for kidney disease is kidney stones. They occur as a result of genetic predisposition, but can they are also often associated with presence of chronic infection of the urinary tract, as well as calcium, phosphorus and urea disturbances in the metabolism.

Kidney stones usually occur in people with kind of genetic predisposition in which other family member used to or still suffer from this health condition. Decreased fluid intake (water above all), obesity, decreased physical activity, too much salt and protein can also be caused for kidney stones occurrence. If kidney stones are in their initial phase, you will not notice any symptoms. However, if the stones are moved you will feel severe pains.

  1. Strong back and lower abdominal pains

When the kidney stone is moved to the urinary tract, the pain starts suddenly. These pain attacks can either last pretty long or they can occur occasionally.

  1. Harsh urine smell

Harsh urine smell combined with blood is definitely kidney stone symptom.

  1. Itching sensation during urination

In case you often need to urinate, and you feel itching sensation during the urination, you are most likely to have kidney stones.

  1. Traces of blood in the urine

If your urine has strong orange color, traces of blood and you feel sharp pain in the kidney area while you urinate, again, you are most likely to have kidney stones.

  1. Pelvis pain followed with fatigue

If you have these symptoms you might as well feel extreme cold or even fever.

  1. Vomiting

Strong nausea and vomiting are other symptoms of this nasty health condition.

  1. Lack of energy

In case you feel so tired that you cannot even walk, it is very possible that this symptom is caused by kidney stones.


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