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Time For Natural Health Care

Lemon and Baking soda Miraculous combination: 10, 000 times stronger than Chemotherapy!?



Lemon has strong anti-cancer properties. This plant treats cancer, and is tested against all cancers, and if combined with baking soda the effect will be even better.

Also, this sour fruit holds a very strong anti-microbial effect with very wide spectrum of activity against bacterial and fungal infections. Is effective against internal parasites and worms, it regulates blood pressure and is a powerful antidepressant, reduces stress and nervous breakdowns.

After 20 laboratory tests conducted since 1970 until now, the following has been proved:

Lemon destroys cancer cells of 12 types of cancer. Lemon prevents the spread of cancer cells and has 10 000 times stronger effect of medication as Adriamycin, chemotherapy and narcotic products.

Interesting it is that this type of treatment with the extract of lemon and baking soda destroys only cancer cells and does not affect the healthy ones.

If you want to prevent the development of cancer, you should oppose acidity, creating an alkaline environment.

Perfect “climate” in the body is held by several important factors:

Diet: Your menu should consist of at least 80% fresh fruits and vegetables, especially vegetables such as kale and spinach.

– Consuming approximately half a liter of purified water each day.

– Mental and emotional calmness and relaxation.

– Periodically check your PH.

In addition we present the recipe.

Ingredients needed:

– 240 ml of filtered water

– 1 teaspoon of baking soda

– Juice of 1 lemon

Method of preparation:

Mix everything well and drink the resulting mixture on an empty stomach. Consume this solution at least three times during the day.

In fact, the combination of lemon and baking soda has been proven to be 10 000 times more powerful cancer “killer” than chemotherapy.

What affects the acidity of the human organism?

The answer is very simple: Food. Most people today, unlike twenty years ago, eat foods that are acidifying the organism so it is not surprising that the incidence of this disease is an integral growth.

What you should consume in smaller quantities?

– Refined sugar

– All types of meat, animal products – milk, cheese, cream, yoghurt

– Refined salt, refined flour and all its derivatives such as pasta, cakes etc.

– Caffeine, bread, butter, alcohol, canned food

– Antibiotics.

What to consume more?

– Baking soda and lemon

– Fruits

– Whole raw vegetables

– Almonds

– Whole grains

– Honey

– Water



Source: healthy-advice