Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

Homemade Syrup Against Cough


After consuming this homemade syrup, feel free to loosen during winter season because you will be fully protected against colds.

Cough can be rather annoying, especially if it is followed by expectorating mucus.

This is why you should prepare the following recipe which will soothe the unpleasant cough symptoms.

Ingredients needed:

– 1 teaspoon of marshmallow root

– 1 teaspoon of flaxseed

– 1 teaspoon of sage

– 1 lemon chopped in small pieces

– 250 ml of water

– 250 grams of brown sugar


Put the water in smaller bowl and add the brown sugar in it.

Place the bowl on fire and cook until the sugar is melted. After that, add all other ingredients and cook on low fire for 15 additional minutes.

Put the bowl you are using away from the fire and wait for the mixture to cool. After the mixture is cooled, strain it and store it in the fridge.

Way of usage:

You should consume 1 teaspoon of the remedy three times a day. This treatment should last until you feel improvement in your health condition.


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