Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

Get Rid Of Herpes For Good Using These Natural Remedies!


Almost everyone at least once in their life has been exposed to the herpes virus. If you are among those who, with any decline in immunity, deal with herpes, consider the alternative method of treatment, rather than depending on some creams or ointments.

Herpes occurs when you are under influence of stress, due to disease, burns or fatigue. Although it cannot be cured, people who have a problem with this virus usually supply with antibacterial creams which help to accelerate the healing process and reduce symptoms.

Natural cures for herpes simplex are:

– Echinacea

Numerous studies have proven that Echinacea imunostimulants reduces inflammation process such as interleukins and interferons, and prevents the formation of large scars. It has been clinically proven that it possesses antiviral effect against herpes simplex.

– Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has been proven to possess antimicrobial activity against herpes simplex virus. Studies have shown that reducing in the duration is from 12 to 9 days.

– Propolis

Propolis contains antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. It is believed that it also has anti-inflammatory and anesthetic action, and is an excellent immunity booster.

– Zinc and vitamin C

A clinical research has shown that supplementation of zinc and vitamin C, given orally, can reduce the symptoms of herpes. Vitamin C increases the level of glutathione, a protein which serves to build amino acids, which strongly act against viruses. External application of zinc sulfate solution also proved to be effective and to relieve symptoms and prevent the recurrence of herpes.

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