Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

Get Rid Of Headache And High Blood Pressure Within 20 Minutes!


Headache is a result of unhealthy lifestyle, lack of sleep and stress. If you have a strong and unbearable headache yet you do not want to drink a pill, or have problems with high blood pressure, we present a natural remedy that will eliminate pain within 20 minutes.

Prepare gauze coatings by folding the gauze in 8 layer which should be as width as your forehead and as long as the scope of your head.

Next thing to do is heat 250 ml of water, to 60 or 70 degrees and dissolve two teaspoons of salt in it. This way you will get 8% saline solution.

Rinse your forehead, neck and ears with warm water. Soak the gauze coating in the saline solution. Squeeze the coating before you apply it onto the forehead, neck and ears.

You should lie down during this coating’s acting.

You will feel relief shortly, but do not immediately remove the coating. Remain lying down for about 20 minutes. After removing the coating, rinse the forehead, ears and neck with warm water.

Intake of large amounts of salt in the body can cause increased blood pressure and swell, but, fortunately, the salty coating acts contrary, through the skin. This way it incite disposal of fluids from the body.