Every Finger Is Connected With 2 Organs: Japanese Methods For Curing In 5 Minutes!



This finger-centric treatment is a Japanese innovation. It is hinged on the belief that every finger is linked to at least two vital body organs.

The procedure is short and simple requiring only five minutes implementing.

The ancient Japanese healing art known as Jin shin Jitsu is an alternative medicine that focuses on achieving an emotional and physical balance by working on predetermined points of the hand that require some form of stimulation.

So how does it work?

– You will affect your vital organs when you hold your finger with your other hand tightly for up to five minutes.

– You will also breathe very deeply as you do this.

– You will then massage the fingers on both your hands.

– You should spend an average of three minutes on each finger when you massage them.


Which organs and emotions are linked to your fingers?

1. Your Thumb

The Organs Linked include:

– Your stomach and spleenwort

The Emotions Linked:

– Depression and anxiety issues

The Noticeable Physical symptoms:

– Skin problems, stomach aches and pains, nervousness, headache

2. Your Index finger

The Organs Linked include:

– Kidneys and urinary bladder

The Emotions Linked:

– Discontent, fear and confusion

The Noticeable Physical symptoms:

– Digestive issues, tooth pain, pain in the muscles and back

3. Your Middle finger

The Organ Linked include:

– Liver

The Emotions Linked:

– Irritability, anger and rage also in determination

The Noticeable Physical symptoms:

– Headaches and migraines, menstrual pain and fatigue

4. Your Ring finger

The Organs Linked include:

– Lungs and the large intestine

The Emotions Linked:

– Fear, negative attitude/thoughts and sadness

The Noticeable Physical symptoms:

– Respiratory issues such as asthma, skin problems and digestion issues

5. The Pinkie finger

The Organs Linked include:

– Heart and small intestine

The Emotions Linked:

– Anxiety, low self-esteem and nervousness

The Noticeable Physical symptoms:

– Heart disease, bone problems and pain in the throat



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