Baking Soda: The Nightmare Of The Pharmaceutical Industry



A cancer research study has revealed that cancer acts as a lactic acid and it is developed when mold or fungus of a certain type grows in an oxygen free environment.

The study also discovered that when large amounts of oxygen molecules are passed into cancerous cells the cancer is destroyed totally.

This household product known as sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) has been seen to be effective against several ailments and cancer being one of them and the beauty is it has no known side effects.

Oncologists have used baking soda for years in the treatment of cancer. Sodium bicarbonate is administered to patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy to help fight off the toxicity.

Sodium bicarbonate is added to drinking water to help in the curing of clinical acidosis. It is also common knowledge that sodium bicarbonate has helped in saving numerous lives in emergency cases. When combined with magnesium chloride and iodine the mixture is very effective and is used in a number of hospitals.

The human body may be devoid of bicarbonate ions which leads to a reduction in the bloods pH value. With enzymes forming a rudimentary part of the biochemical reaction in the body and they are very sensitive to varying pH levels. An acidic environment is where they are most active. The efficacy of baking soda is heightened by the fact that cells are more active in an alkaline based environment.

It is true that the pH levels in the body is influenced by diet and a good diet will keep the pH levels of the blood at a good level. The problem is modern diet is poor and therefore reduces the pH level and causing it to be acidic.

The human body’s cellular functions will be adversely affected when there is an frequent imbalance in the pH level or value. The cells will die if the pH value is acidic which causes serious health conditions such as gastritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer.

Sodium bicarbonate assists by ensuring the blood vessels are dilated so as to allow oxygen to be transported and released into cell tissues. This will raise the pH value, so for example there will be zero crystallization of toxins in the urinary tract when the urine pH value is increased and high.

Uric acid can increase a person’s propensity to contract diabetes, gout, heart disease and kidney stones.

Fungi forms a toxic compound known as alcosan, it occurs when this fungi is in an acidic environment and this compound is responsible for various cancers and also diabetes.

Baking soda is effective against ailments such as influenza, arthritis and gout when it is taken orally.

It will also help boost the activities of the pancreas which include the production of bicarbonate ions and insulin.

A combination of sodium bicarbonate and magnesium when taken orally is effective in combating heart disease and cancer. It is truly a big problem to the pharmaceutical industry as it has no patent to it and this component can be obtained at any store all over the world.



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