Doctors Confirmed: Red Onions Do Wonders for the Thyroid Gland (RECIPE)



Onions are rich in phosphoric acid which helps to cleanse the skin and destroy bacteria and germs.

If you have thyroid gland disorders then a Russian doctor from St. Petersburg – Igor Knjazkin has the answer you have been eagerly waiting for.

After years of research this Russian doctor finally came up with a simple yet effective way of stimulating the thyroid function.

He came up with a prescription for natural treatment of thyroid gland problems using red onions.

It is believed that the red onions have the natural ingredients necessary for aiding the proper functioning of your thyroid gland and easing it’s disorder.

Igor Knjazkin’s red onion recipe for the treatment of thyroid dosorders

Chop up your red onion in half and in the evening.

– This should be done before bed time to allow the juice to leak from each onion half.

– Then use the onion halves to gently massage your neck in the thyroid region.

– Massage your neck with circular motions.

– Once you’re done go to bed without washing off the onion juice on your neck.

– This is to allow the onion juice to work its magic overnight while you sleep.

– The onion juice will naturally cause your thyroid’s function to be boosted.

The red onions will ensure that your skin is cleansed and it’s phosphoric acid will destroy German and bacteria while stimulating your thyroid gland.



Source: Just Healthy Lifestyle