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Do You Know What Gaining Weight Due To Stress Means?



If something hurts us or we gain weight without eating too much we often say that the cause of the problem is due to stress and nerves. This is more than true just because everything is linked with the nervous system. Even though we know ourselves very well, our sub-consciousness is working on its own and takes its toll.

When it comes to excess body weight, nearly every woman is aware of the momentum nerves. We know ourselves enough and we know when we are getting gaining body weight when we are unhappy, afraid, overwhelmed with responsibilities, emotionally unfulfilled, stressed and dealing with a lack of sleep. The body needs fuel, and when something is blocking its balance, we need a tank. Mental stability needs firm lifestyle.

Why we lose body weight and appetite in general when in love?

It is because then we fly like a balloon, we do not touch the ground and are filled with emotions that determine our body chemistry. Our reserves are activated, the level of happy hormones is increased and we are not interest in grounding ourselves when we feel that we can fly. The ease and speed with which we move through a period when we are in love is resulting in decreased body weight, which occurs with a speed we can never achieve by dieting.

Some women lose weight due to worries and problems, and some gain weight because of the same reasons. Those who lose weight it is because they “eat themselves inside” and forget about themselves and their power to manage their own lives and thus it is easier to slip through the pitfalls of life. Those who gain body weight defy fears and thus increase calories. These mechanisms are generally not changed, i.e. it is rarely for a person to experience both of them.

Successful weight loss, if we put aside falling in love, which launch us as a rockets fuel and takes us directly to the stars (slender and glossy), begins in moments of breakdown; when we are sick and tired, when we get angry at our weakness or strength of the “mechanism of our nervous system” and when we decide to resist this thing in us managing our body weight. The key moments comes when we say to ourselves “I cannot do this anymore”, but not in a way as we have told ourselves a hundred times before (desperate and worried), but when we say it angrily and as a commandment.

Then we act as a bad kid whom we try to discipline. This is a good impulse but it does not work always. We cannot stay angry at ourselves with the same intensity, but we can stay angry because we are hungry. But, why we often have the strength to keep forward because of the weight we have lost.

When we achieve a part of our goal we enjoy it and then everything goes back to how it was, out will drops and we are once again caught in the routine of the mechanism of our nervous system. Sometimes we maintain our slim line for a longer period of time but then life throws at us tests through which we need to take a stronger stance.

We need to turn off some of our mechanisms and maintain our slim line, meaning, we need to train our nervous system and change our lifestyle and provide conditions for resting, activities and pleasure for both the body and spirit.


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