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Chinese Medicine: Sorrow Is Linked To Lungs And Rage To The Liver


According to Chinese medicine, every organ represents a certain emotion. Emotions are main reasons for diseases occurrences.

Chinese believe that the five basic elements – earth, water, fire, air and metal are present in every human’s body.

For good health, according to Chinese people believes, it is necessary to maintain balance between all elements.

– Raspy voice

In case you notice you have raspy voice, it is a sign you have low level of energy in the lungs.

– Red eyes

Red eyes indicate to a problem linked to the liver.

– Yellowness on the face

Yellowness on the face indicates to lack of blood and energy in the spleen.

If a woman cannot get pregnant, the fault maybe lies in the kidneys.

According to Chinese medicine, emotions are the main reasons to diseases, and each organ has its own emotion:

– Lungs – sorrow

– Liver – rage

– Kidneys – fear

– Stomach – caring

Also, every organ has its own taste. So, lungs “want” spices and hot flavor, liver – sour, spleen – sweet and kidneys “want” salty. Chinese doctors claim organs also have their own energetic route.

Energy is called “chi” and it depends on the blood. According to this, Chinese doctors say blood is energy’s mother and energy is owned by the blood.

Kidneys – central organ to the body

In Chinese medicine, kidneys are the most important organs and represent the basis of yin and yang, as an energetic center in the body. They are connected with the skeletal system, hearing and fears.

Treating kidneys affects all of our body’s systems. In Chinese medicine, each organ is also linked to weather conditions, which means each season is favorable for certain organs.

Wind lives in the liver. This can sometimes be a cause for headaches and dizziness.

One of liver’s most important functions is enabling energetic circulation throughout the body, as well as fresh and clear thoughts. People with healthy lover are calm, can easily make decisions and are good leaders. In case the liver is in a condition of stagnation/obstruction, then it is considered to have “fire”. This is a Chinese medicine’s term for explaining difficulties of its functionality. Impaired liver work is reflected with deterioration of the physical, but also emotional, condition, consider Chinese folk doctors.

According to them, such disharmony is linked to anger, rage, stubbornness and violence. If emotions are not shown, we do not get rid of them. Because of this, depression and mood swings may occur. Then, the physical consequences are actually disharmony of liver’s operation.

As the most common symptoms to this syndrome are: fatigue, menstrual problems, stiffness of the body, tensions and allergies.