Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

Why You Should Never Drink Stale Water?

What do you think is there such thing as “bad” water or stale water is something completely different? Have you ever noticed that stale water has a strange taste? Ordinary water can easily be infected with microbes, because it contains no sugars and proteins. More specifically, water that was ... read more

Perfect Body Line And Shiny Skin Within 10 Days Thanks To This Magical Drink

  Flaxseed contains numerous beneficial components, including vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and fiber, which normalize intestines’ function. This kind of seed cleanses the body of toxins, normalizes metabolism, lowers blood sugar and, most importantly, reduces appetite. In addition, it absorbs certain ingredients of the foods we eat, cleans the ... read more

Watermelon Juice – The Tastiest Remedy For The Whole Body

Watermelon is the best refreshing natural grocery. There is no person who does not adore this fruit’s wonderful taste. Due to the high quantity of water containing, it is great for hydration of the body during the summer period. Watermelon is rich in many vitamins and minerals such as ... read more

One Glass A Day For Flat Belly

Gaining flat stomach at home? It sounds incredible, but it is not as difficult to achieve as it looks. Many of us dream of having a flat stomach, but despite rigorous diet and extensive training, some do not manage to reach the desired results. Fortunately, thanks to this drink, ... read more

Make A Remedy Against Gallstone At Home, Made Of Watermelon Rind

This recipe comes from famous Ukrainian Phyto-therapeutist Dr. Natalia Zemnaya. Natalia recommends this simple remedy for prophylaxis and gallstones: Method of preparation: All you need is a watermelon, size does not matter. First, wash the watermelon rind well. After drying, use a knife for peeling potatoes in order to ... read more

Ancient Tibetans Used To Drink This 5 Ingredient Tea For Youth And Longevity

Dr. Victor Vostokov, Phyto-therapeutist, in a Russian TV show for natural treatment had discovered the recipe for preparing the Tibetan tea that regenerates the cells in the body, continues youth and maintains general health of the man: Dr. Vostokov used to live for 20 years in Tibet, Nepal, Laos ... read more

Natural Beverage Against Bloated Stomach

If you frequently suffer from swollen stomach, flatulence and belching, it may be best to check if you have enough enzymes responsible for natural beverage might be the right solution to your problem.  Ingredients needed:  – Half a fresh pineapple – Half a fennel head or two stalks ... read more