Best Exercises To Lose Inner Thigh Fat At Home



Ever decided against buying a chic pair of jeans for fear of how you would look from waist down?

You are not alone. But there is good news for you.

The fat that accumulates around your thighs is subcutaneous. This means that it is the fatty tissue that lies just beneath the skin. This fat responds very well to general exercise aimed at whole body weight reduction, with specific workouts aimed at the thigh muscles.

Changes in food habits also are needed, along with this. However, the good news is that there are specific changes you can make to your diet, instead of the staple advice of eat-more-vegetable etc.

To give you a recipe for thigh fat reduction, please read the steps below.

1. Watch your calories. What kind of food are you eating a day? What amount of it are you taking a day? Measure.

2. What kind of exercise are you doing? How many calories are you burning with that particular work-out? Find out.

3. Now, ideally, the number you have got at step number 2 should be more than what you got at step number 1. If you have taken in 2500 calories through food in a day, you should have burned more than that through exercise. With a 2500 calorie diet, if you have burned 3000 calories a day through exercise, your calorie deficit is 500. And calorie deficit will surely reduce your fat.

4. Slowly, increase your calorie deficit. A calorie deficit of 1000 will definitely reduce your thigh fat, and make you look amazing in those slim chic pair of jeans!

However, the catch is the calorie reduction in diet. How do we reduce our calorie intake? Here are a few simple steps again.

1. Decide on smaller meals that give you enough nutrients but are of moderate calories.

2. Take those meals every two-three hours. Do not have long periods between your meals as you will then tend to be ravenous, and gobble up food.

3. Make it a habit to drink water or diet drinks. Say a firm no to milk, sodas, smoothies and such that load you up on calories. Begin your meals with a glass of water, to fill you up to some extent.

It is definitely doable, folks. These dietary changes and work-out plans should be made into a regular habit. Then, there is no stopping you from grabbing that pair of skin-tight jeans!





Source: Healthy Vegan Style