A Magic Sleep Remedy: One Cup Of This Mixture And You Will Fell Asleep In Less Than A Minute!



Modern lifestyle affects people in different ways. One common thing that troubles most people is the problem with sleep. Are you also dealing with the menace of insomnia? If yes, then here is a honey and milk recipe that should naturally treat this problem.

This is in fact an ancient remedy used for improving sleep quality and treating insomnia. If you want to go to sleep just like a baby, just drink 1 cup of it before going to bed.

Both honey and milk are traditional remedies for sleeplessness and insomnia. They are highly effective even as individual ingredients, but their benefits grow exponentially when used together.

There are not many sugary foods like honey. It is the rare one of its kind that can increase insulin secretion within controls. This also results in the promotion of tryptophan release in the brain.

Because tryptophan gets transformed into serotonin, you will also get a relaxed feeling. Then the serotonin mostly transforms into melatonin, which has been researched and studied for being a great sleep aid.

These complex chemical reactions make honey and milk so greatly effective in reducing sleeplessness.

How to Prepare your Sleeping Aid Magic Potion?

The ingredients required are as following:

– Milk – 6 Ounces

– Vanilla extract – 1 drop

– Honey – 1 teaspoon


– Pour the milk into a small saucepan and warm it (don’t boil it).

– Remove the saucepan from the heat and then remove the milk into a glass.

– Then add the vanilla and honey.

– Stir this mixture properly.

Your recipe is ready and you can sip it at a slow pace before going to bed.

Note: –

Are you lactose intolerant? If yes, then you can simply replace milk with some lactose-free alternative such as rice milk, almond milk or soy milk.



Source: Super Tasty Recipes