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5 Dangerous Truths About Underwear


One of commonest women’s nightmares is underwear lines which can be seen when wearing leggings or tight dress. This is why many women decide wearing g-string or not wearing underwear at all.

Do you know what underwear’s purpose really is, what material should it be made of and are pubic hair really necessary?

Is there any relation between underwear and our health?

In addition read what experts say on this subject.

Do you wear underwear or not?

The eternal question of women, especially those who wear fitting dresses or leggings is whether they do or do not wear panties? Although, it is a personal choice, experts are encouraged to wear underwear because bacteria and fungi breed and reproduce in wet and warm areas.

Therefore, cotton panties are the best protection against microorganisms because they absorb sweat very well.

G-string – home to bacteria

If you love wearing g-string, you will not like the following sentence at all. G-strings are home of bacteria from the digestive tract, which can easily find their way to the vagina and cause unpleasant vaginal infection or inflammation of the urinary tract.

That danger is increased during exercise because g-strings tend to move back and forth.

Lace or cotton?

It is not recommendable to wear panties made of lace and satin every day. If you exercise regularly, they can cause skin irritation. If you own sexy lingerie of such materials, keep it for some special occasions with your partner.

Fitness lovers are advised to wear cotton underwear.

Special fabrics, manufactured for fitness, are also very good because they stretch, thus giving support and are very effective when it comes to absorbing capacity.

Fabrics with antibacterial actions keep our health and protect us against unpleasant odors.

Pubic hair play a protecting role.

Some women after waxing (which is considered a primary hygiene by most women) feel cleaner and tidier. However, experts warn that the complete removal of pubic hair can bring more harm than benefit. Namely, pubic hair have a protective role to keep genitals as well as the skin in this area, which is very sensitive.
By their removal the protective layer disappears and there is higher risk for damaging the skin. Also, sores may arise due to under-skin hair and even sexually transmitted diseases.

However, if you decide to remove pubic hair, at least, wear quality lingerie that will provide sufficient protection.

What about menstrual cycle?

If you feel good during menstruation, you do not need to avoid being physically active. Thanks to lady pads and tampons, you have a good protection.

Experts tend to break down the great myth according to which female private parts should always smell the flowers. Namely, they accent to the fact that women have apocrine glands in their groin, which means the not very pleasant odors are an inevitable occurrence. Certainly much can be done with personal hygiene – mild soaps and short showers will briefly remove vaginal odor.

However, if you notice some unusual smell you should visit your doctor.