5 Causes Of Breast Pain


During PMS, many women feel uncomfortable breast pain. But other than hormonal changes, that menstrual cycle is followed by, there are other causes of breast pain occurrence.

In addition read the commonest causes for breast pain and how to improve this health state.

1. PMS

The number one reason for chest pain is hormonal change during PMS. The pain is strongest several days before the cycle. Sensitivity and swelling of the breast occurs under the influence of the change in estrogen levels, and the pain disappears completely by the end of the cycle.

Contraception pills can help you deal with this kind of pain because they prevent ovulation and maintain estrogen levels stable.

2. Excessive physical activity

If you trained hard or were training with heavier weights, after exercise, you may feel breast pain, but it actually comes from the muscles that are located just below the breast tissue.

Warm coatings can help you relief such pain.

3. Excessive coffee consumption

Several studies have shown that avoiding caffeine can reduce breast pain, especially in women who have nodes in their breast tissue.

4. Inadequate bra

Unpleasant breast pain can occur if you wear too tight or too loose bra because under wire baskets can press your breasts. Also, if your bra does not support your chest as it should, their constant movement during the day can make them extremely sensitive.

5. Nodes in breast tissue

If you have nodes in the breast tissue, then there are big chances you are well aware of the sensitivity that occurs during the monthly cycle.

Unequal breast tissue creates benign cysts filled with fluid that are sensitive to hormonal changes.

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