Your Garlic is Being Imported From China, Filled With Bleach And Chemicals. Here’s How To Spot It



Do you know that a third of garlic used in the USA in 2014 was imported from China. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t even know that the garlic they are buying from the grocery store or the garlic in the meal  they enjoy in a restaurant is highly likely to be from China.

You may not see any issue to it unless you realize that some garlic from China is toxic. The quality control issues are additional and they are an overall concern with Chinese garlic. But the way they are cultivated is a very big problem.

The pesticides used by Chinese producers are forbidden by law to be used. They use them for boosting the products. They include parathion and phorate and can prove to be damaging to your health.

It is important to ensure that this garlic is not present in your diet. This can be done only if you are able to identify the toxic garlic from China.

So look for the following characteristics to tell the difference when buying garlic:

– Home-grown garlic has a very rich taste compared to the Chinese produced garlic.

– If you see that the garlic doesn’t have its stem and root removed, it is safer for use. Most of the time the stem and roots are removed by Chinese farmers for reducing weight and saving on shipping.

– The home-grown garlic will be more bulbous and heavier than the Chinese one.

So make sure that you get your garlic is from trusted local farmers. Another safe option is to grow your own garlic.