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Time For Natural Health Care

Remedies For 23 Diseases – Castor oil


Castor oil is obtained from seeds of the plant ricinus communis. This plant originated in India and was very clearly known and used in Indian medicine, the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and is also well established in Chinese medicine. This herb is originally tropical, but is also cultivated in Mediterranean conditions and is widespread.

You will be surprised by the fact that the castor plant is among most poisonous plants on our planet. It contains poison called ricin and is very powerful. Ricin acts toxic if inhaled. You are probably asking yourselves when the healing part starts. This plant’s fruits are the healing part. They are collected and processed so that the poison is removed, and the resulting product i.e. the castor oil is quite safe for internal use, certainly if you use the recommended doses.

This oil is very cheap. Unfortunately it is not as popular as it should be, considering its healing properties.

This oil appliance is unlimited, and there are many positive effects on health. Holistic medicine often recommends castor oil for the treatment of diseases which generally are resistant to traditional therapies.

Dr. William McGray described the success in the treatment of various upsets using castor oil:

1. Use castor oil drops before going to bed in order to soothe serious eye allergies.

2. If you drink 5 drops of castor oil each morning, the allergies will be completely gone.

3. You can treat cataract by applying one drop of castor oil in your eye(s) before going to bed.

4. By applying coatings regularly you will be able to treat pilonidal cyst.

5. You can treat wounds, cuts and bruises by applying castor oil onto them.

6. Massaging your stomach the two last months of your pregnancy will prevent stretch marks occurrence.

7. The injured wrist will recover quickly if wrapped in a coating with castor Let the coating act over night.

8. It has been noticed that if you use coatings from castor oil you will be able to treat hepatitis.

9. Apply castor oil coatings on your stomach in order to soothe chronic diarrhea.

10. Warts will be gone after 4 weeks of regularly applying castor oil onto them.

11. Apply castor oil coatings in the lower part of your back, once a week, in order to get rid of back the pain.

12. After 4 weeks of using castor oil, warts will be gone for good.

13. It has been noticed that if you orally consume 6 to 8 drops of castor oil, every day for 4 weeks, you will be able to treat tinnitus.

14. By applying castor oil on the nails, daily,you can remove nail fungi.

15. Alcoholism may be treated by using general coatings.

16. Calcium deposits on the feet will disappear by suing castor oil daily.

17. You can get rid of knots of vocal cords and chronic hoarseness by applying castor oil coatings on your heck for three months.

18. Hyperactivity can be treated by applying castor oil coatings onto the stomach area.

19. The resulting combination made of castor oil mixed with baking soda can be used for treating cancer on the skin.

20. Applying castor oil coatings on the abdominal area, for two weeks, will help you get rid of snoring.

21. Castor oil can also help you treat bee stings.

22. You can stimulate hair growth by massaging your scalp with castor oil 20 minutes before washing your hair.

23. By using castor oil coatings you will significantly improve the general health condition of the thermal stage of

Castor oil coating

Because of the strong effect on circulation, castor oil is often used in a form of coatings. All you need is: cold pressed castor oil, clean gauze, plastic wrap, hot-water bottle or a bottle filled with warm water and towel. Before and after use of the coating, the skin should be cleaned with a solution of baking soda.

Soak the gauze in warm oil and place it on a critical area, cover with foil, then put the hot-water bottle, wrap a towel and leave it to act for at least an hour. During this time you need to be relaxed and hibernate.

You can apply the coating for 40 days. Add enough oil before each use. Remember to always heat the coating before use. If the oil changes its color or smell, make a new coating.