Amazing Story.. A Man Uses Baking Soda To Beat Stage 4 Cancer



Does anyone around you have cancer? If yes, then this story should get all your attention.

This is the story of a man who used baking soda to beat his stage IV cancer. This is the story of Vernon Johnston who was suffering from stage IV prostate cancer.

He had very limited number of options. The standard treatment was to undergo chemotherapy sessions. He hoped that the chemo sessions can help destroy the cancer cells at a faster rate than the healthy cells.

Many people know how aggressive chemotherapy is. Most of the time it drains off the patient’s energy. It also drains off their resources and weakens their immune system so much that almost nothing is left.

Because Vernon’s cancer entered the advanced stage, chemotherapy could not offer any assurance of curing it. Eventually, he thought it best to go his own way with his treatment.

It was his brother who advised him for this treatment. He took the first steps to raise his body’s pH levels. This would help in preventing the spread of cancer further in his body. He decided to use cesium chloride for raising his pH levels.

Doctor’s hardly ever suggest cesium therapy to patients, but it is another cancer treatment. Cesium therapy is claimed to give better results against cancer when compared against radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

What Vernon did was to order cesium alternative ways to raise his pH levels. He started researching on it and eventually found a remedy in baking soda.

It is well known that baking soda is commonly used in households. It is also used as antacid. But he didn’t use baking soda alone. He mixed it with maple syrup and began using it every day.

It may seem very strange to find someone fight cancer using household ingredients like baking soda. But Vernon did do this and he has documented his treatment’s progress in his blog. Anyone can read his blog to learn how he cured himself.

Baking soda helps in raising your body’s pH level. This helps in neutralizing the acid content in your body. People use it as topical antiseptic for preventing blisters and scarring. Baking soda is also used in the reduction of itching that usually occurs due to skin allergies.


How Baking Soda Helps in Fighting Cancer?

It has long been found that cancer cells require an acidic environment to thrive. As per experts, when the environment of a tumor is alkalized it results in starting the cancer cells. This causes inhibition of their growth.

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) can be administered in two ways – oral administration and intravenous injection. It is more effective to get sodium bicarbonate closer to a tumor using intravenous injection. But oral medications are not as expensive. They are easily available and are considered safer.



Source: Healthy Food Advice

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