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3 Signs To Show Something Is Not Right With Your Menstrual Cycle



Discomfort and upsets can affect you when you have your monthly menses. This happens usually and is considered to be a common problem in women. However, health experts suggest that these symptoms may be due to a rather serious underlying condition.

We are providing you a list of the signs that indicate that you have a serious health issue.

You’re Skipping Your Menstruation:

It is not normal to experience an increase time span between two menstrual cycles.  If you are skipping your menstruation, then there must be something wrong.

If you were stressed in those days when you skipped your menstruation, then stress may be the cause.

There are also other causes like dietary deficiencies and weight loss due to the poor diet. If you have some nutrient deficiency, then it is a good reason to visit a gynecologist. The doctor may provide you with the exact cause of the skipped menstrual cycle and help you find a cure.

Painful Menses:

Pain occurs during menstruation in almost all women. You must also have complained about pain in your lower abdomen and thighs when you are between a cycle. Most women complain that pain is felt on the very first day of menses. This type of pain is a common problem and you do not need to be prescribed any medications to solve this

You must notice whether pain has increased in severity and is causing more discomfort than the last time. Also, if the pain is affecting your daily routine and work. If the pain is interfering with your activities like household chores and school attendance, it may require attention.

The cause of pain may be Endometriosis. It is a serious condition that results when endometrial glands that are normally situated in the uterus start to spread to other organs of the body. These organs may be ovaries or other body tissues. It causes excruciating pain whenever you have periods. This problem should not be ignored because endometriosis may spread. Try to visit a gynecologist as early as possible.


Increased Menstrual Bleeding

You are usually changing tampons in 3-5 hours a day and not more than that. When it becomes more than the mentioned number, it can mean that a greater quantity of blood is being lost from your body. Losing blood in large amounts is harmful and should be reported to a doctor immediately.

There is a relative increase in menstrual bleeding on the 2nd day of periods but if you can see the significant difference than your regular menstrual blood loss, start getting worried.

It can be due to increased alcohol intake or a strenuous exercise. It can be caused by anemia and also lead to anemia. If you are fatigued and lack energy, it can also be a cause.

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