28 Year Old Mother Died Due To Uterus Cancer – These Are The Symptoms She Ignored


When you read this touching story of this young mother (which unfortunately is not the only case) who died of cancer of the cervix, you may wish to review similar symptoms with your doctor.

Amanda Booth, mother of 3 children, ignored her symptoms because she had a great fear of submitting to a cervical test. At only 28 years she died of cancer.

Amanda died from this horrible disease leaving behind her three small children.

This young mother was very afraid to do a vaginal smear, which at times may assist with an early diagnosis of cancer of the cervix.

The disease ravaged her body.  She learned she had cancer of the uterus after symptoms of excessive bleeding.

Chemotherapy was unsuccessful in treating her cancer as the disease spread quickly.

Do not take your health for granted! Even if you plan on treating naturally, go to the doctor for a checkup to ensure your health is in proper order after cervical screening.  You can decide which method of treatment is most suitable for you if the cervix is found to have pre-cancerous chances. In addition read the symptoms of this insidious disease:

– Vaginal pains during sex

– Bleeding outside of the menstrual cycle

– Bleeding after sex or any kind of other unusual bleeding

– Pain during urination

– Liquid with unpleasant smell that comes out of the vagina.